Friday, November 18, 2011


In recent weeks it feels as if we have crossed over into something completely new. While I am not quite certain when this shift began to occur, I am welcoming it... for all we know--- it was creeping into our lives for quite sometime. I just needed to slow my roll and look around.

Last week, I was driving in my beloved rental car (never a good thing when the rental is soooo much nicer than your current vehicle...I had to break up just three days in...sigh.) and I glanced back in the mirror just in time to catch Molly say a joke to Gabey, which caused him to snort, moving Lucy in to full on belly laughing. We all felt it. My littles have one fierce connection.

For all the moments of chaos and cranky-faced parenting... this was NOT one of them. This was a moment to be enjoyed and tucked away amongst a not so wonderful one. So, I did.

The past few weeks have been about taking some time to breathe.
I have been here, wrapped up in the everyday of now... tending to a sicky, establishing a new working routine and reclaiming adventures of this awesome city with one really forgotten friend.
I have been out, learning to BUNDLE and explore in the cold...
which has made the days when we don't get out of pajamas that much more wonderful.
 Living in balance. I'm learning.
It feels pretty wonderful.

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