Thursday, January 5, 2012

9 Months!

Well, it's official. Our Little Miss has been out now as long as she was in.

In case you didn't know this... 9-months is SO much FUN!
9-months-old is Kelly's most favorite baby age. I have always been unsure though (I love all babies!!) but really, after Lucy... I have to agree. We are having a blast with this sweet girl.

For starters. She moves. All the time. Everywhere. And for someone so tiny, she is fast!
We are learning all sorts of little quirks about Lucy. For starters, she eats her food in sections. If we mix it all up she will pick out all the meats first, then the noodles, then the squash. She does this with all food and all meals. It is amazing to watch. She definitely does not adopt her brother's cram and shovel method for eating that he still fully endorses. Right now, Lucy's favorites include grilled cheese sandwiches (she eats the whole thing!), avocados, cuties and spaghetti. While organized in her eating style, she is still a total mess by the end of most meals!
We have also learned that Lucy has a preference for Adele. As soon as she hears music she starts "singing" but if you crank on some Adele, she will sing top volume.

Lucy is also becoming the master of all things sneaky. She will do almost anything for a smile... if you catch her in the act, then she will just start laughing.

Case in point.

 Right now our little chatter box says: Hi, Bye, Mamama, Dadadada, Gab, and yaya (pacifier). She also signs more and all done appropriately. So much to say... especially when you have two LOUD siblings to keep up with.

 Lucy, this month you celebrated your first Christmas in Dallas with family. We participated in all sorts of holiday fun around Austin and have learned that you are beyond intrigued with Christmas lights. You continue to have a HUGE love for outlets, dog food and pea gravel. You have stepped up the safety level in this house for sure. You can now scale playscapes which has made playgroups at the park that much more exciting for you. Swings continue to be a favorite. You can crawl, stand and cruise. This past week you stood by yourself in the middle of the room. We fear that walking will be here soon. What an exciting month for you!

9 Month Stats

weight: 15 lbs 4 oz. (5%)
height: 27 inches (30%)
head: 17.3 inches (50%)

Hard to believe that first birthday is right around the corner. Looking forward to another great month!

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