Thursday, January 19, 2012

sick house

So today, I cleaned my entire house in preparation for playgroup tomorrow only to have Gabriel throw up everywhere. Welcome back, Strep throat. We’ve missed you.  At least with the open windows and residual smell of lemony pledge lingering about I could almost trick my brain that this was not “sick house”.

About an hour before all of this, I kidnapped someone’s cat thinking it was a lost cat I had seen on a neighborhood flier. It wasn’t. All that stealth like form... A for effort? You can bet your bunnies, I was gifted the ole, “What the frick, lady” look from the cat as I tossed it back into the wild. It went all judgey-face on me.

Like this.
Only less haunting.

Never mind that Kel had dug through the trash for the flier and I had called the lady on the phone only to crush her spirits. Oooog.

It was one of those days.  A dove/coca cola day.  A moment where you look up to see just how FAR away that Mother-of-the-year title lives. Thank you, reality for keeping me in check. Don't want to go getting ahead of myself.

At least I have a fantastically clean house now and no reason to get out of jammies before 2pm.  Believe me, I am not the ever optimist… it’s the Coca-Cola and chocolate talking.

Thank goodness.

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Joanna said...

I can't help but laugh...only because I have sooo been there. Hoping tomorrow is better for you, mama!