Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a hundred

In a day there are about a million different ways to calculate importance. See, it's right there--- a million. This number while seemingly insignificant to some for another it can represent a huge milestone marked by relentless perseverance and the successful journey into something new.

For us, it has been a hundred days of new.
What a fruit loop.

A dog-eared day on our calendar does little to represent the efforts and growth of the past 100 days. It is amazing really. The marked beginning to this whole exciting chapter of living that was punctuated with extremely early mornings, large opinions on wardrobe choices, 100 notes in the lunch box and shortened nap schedules to grab the girl at school. There was the quiet, the missing, the budding of a new sibling friendship and of course... all that living in between.
It's been a happy hundred for sure.

I have taken some time recently to step into my own little world and transpose a quiet willfulness on to my daily routines. The pull of committments had peaked for this May and in the respite of home, I finally found the calming energy to break barriers within a cluttered mind. Never too early for spring cleaning, right? I am amazed at the level of peaceful clarity that can be found in a space of quiet...

All that unplugged Julie time--- just a number really---

representing a refreshing lot of living.

Gearing up for an exciting month to come of birthday celebrations for one little man and his gaggle of snakes...
Never a dull moment here. I love this.

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