Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chasing sunlight

The weekend started us off gloomy and cold. For all the anticipated joy that a Friday night can bring, our skies in no way celebrated it's arrival. So, as the afternoon greeted us today with a change of pace, we did as any sane person hungry for warmth would do. We chased the sunlight.

Windows down, music pumping, off to a great and based by all of the various individual singing happening at one time in the car, a very loud, new journey.

Sunlight moves people. When just right, it can shift the whole momentum of a day. After all, great wishing grows best in the sunlight.
It always has.
When all this is mixed with the your favorite company of specials
attacking the clouds by celebrating something new...
 how can you expect anything less than wonderful?

1 comment:

Stewart Stuff said...

Your Little's are just too adorable for words! Miss you guys!