Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sweet Sunshine

We had waited all day for it to arrive. Whom am I kidding? We had waited all week. All this time, we could see something great just beyond the brink... waiting for that perfect moment to light up our lives.

Isn't that how it always works?

Oh, how life could be so comfortable if it ever actually worked according to our own "ideal" plan. Think about it. No unknown. Not one hiccup in the road. We could process through each day never in danger of late night tummy bugs, recipes gone wrong, hurt feelings, unexpected expenses, car troubles, career changes or having to wait just a little bit more for something oh-so coveted. Easy breezy, right?

And yet...

All that excitement that comes with anticipation... would be gone.

We would never feel the thrill of discovering something new.          (Meet "squirm the worm")

Without all that unpredictable messy living, how would we ever come to know the beauty of being swept away?

If you find yourself just waiting too long for the perfect moment to light up your life then perhaps it is time for you to change that ideal plan and welcome in the new. While it sure can feel scary, how else can you come to know the possibility of unprecedented joy? Change can be beautiful.

"Sometimes, it's up to you to make your own sweet sunshine"
Davy Jones


Jenny said...

Julie! Hey friend! It's Jenny Martin in Dallas... I have been away from the blog and the computer for far too long and decided to start looking at friends' blogs... I started with yours, so I probably won't be reading anymore since it's so late :). Just wanted to say hi, and I think of you often, especially when we're in Austin visiting the BIL and SIL. And I still love reading your blog :).

Rebekah Baker said...

Love this post! Love how you live in the moment with your precious children. Miss you friend!