Monday, March 5, 2012

Let's go fly a kite.

The next round of posts are going to be flying at you at bit out of order and quite full of outside fun. Would spring have it any other way?

In the interest of keeping it nice and breezy here on the ole' blog... let's talk kites. LOTS and lots of kites.

The Austin Kite Festival is quite possibly my favorite little local festival here in the ole' ATX. I use the term "little" very loosely ... if there was any judge by situation parking, this festival has become quite big. Personally, I don't think there is any better way to celebrate spring and sunshine than a giant hot pink Barbie kite and the cute kid that goes with it.

Funny thing about that Barbie kite.
For as eager as she had been to fly it, the higher it went... the more eager she was to give reigns back to me. She told me it just became "too high and too exciting." Miss intensity has her limits.

And then there was this guy.
It isn't this photo above that had random strangers stopping to take pictures of our little man. Oh, no... it was the soundtrack. About two years back while visiting Dallas at Christmas, Gabriel rode this train and man... he was so full of joy that he just about doubled his normal volume to celebrate that moment. With the kite, I think he tripled it. Lots of WHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAASSSS and WHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOSH and wiggle-wiggle-shuffle steps. We were dying with laughter.

Even the curly girl rejoined the group because of her brother's reaction to his kite and for a minute... we were like this.
Funny thing about an excited 4-year-old, a blustery day and a whole lot of fancy dance moves. Those kites veeery quickly became one. It was intense moment cooled off by a Daddy's mad untangling skills and the quest for a giant snowcone. I mean, who doesn't love a snow cone?

Lucy definitely does.

All this time, Mommy and Daddy had been holding out on the good stuff.
Quite possibly her favorite treat to date.

Kite festival is a day that is very close to our hearts. Two years ago this weekend, I accepted a position at Dell Children's Medical Center and as a family, we decided to embark on this unknown, slightly scary Austin adventure. It was a decision that was capped off with one celebratory day at the kite festival. For all the highs and lows that come with adventure seeking, we still feel the magic and possibilities in this great town.
What a two years.

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