Monday, March 19, 2012

Mr. Doodle

When planning a trip to the arboretum for Dallas Blooms, I would have figured the highlight for all of us would have been all the beautiful flowers.

 or perhaps the storybook houses.

 Nope. Best part of the trip clearly went to our new friend, the doodle bug. I mean, how could he not be the most favorite? Look at how HUGE he is.
 We found him while trying to take these.
 and he just crawled all over their little hands

It was so exciting that even LUCY had to meet Mr. Doodle.
In which she immediately knocked him down Gabe's pants.

Bugs down pants.

It just doesn't get funnier than that.
 Pure joy captured in a blurry candid.

Here's to a funny buggy day.


Totally unrelated! Just two days left for the giveaway so be sure to enter if you haven't. A couple of people said that they commented but for some reason, blogger deleted their comments. Eeek. Try again and if it happens to you just shoot me a message at and I'll try to put you in from my end. Silly blogger.

Hope your first official day of Spring tomorrow has a better weather forecast than ours!

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