Thursday, March 22, 2012

A good deal of new

This time tomorrow I will have had my feet in the oceans of my childhood. I will have driven an SUV up the coast and ran gaping smiles into the arms of my best friend. A perfect start to the weekend. Now. IF only it could just get here.

It is a big weekend of new for all of us. This will be my first time to ever leave my little Lu bug. In fact, just the second time I will have ever left the whole gang at length. This is a LONG overdue Mommy break, no?Weaning is officially in process and I am still in shock that we made it a year. What a great year of nursing... it's the nights I miss it the most. Traveling to the southern corner of the country pump free? Completely eases me into the transition.

 Another new happening this weekend is this...

The practice Wednesday night was just about the funniest thing I have ever seen. At one point, the ball was coming to Gabriel but he missed it because it was too busy hugging his friend, Tucker. So excited to hear the updates from Saturday. Go Yankees. Go Florida. Go new.

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