Tuesday, February 7, 2012

10 Months!

Yep. We're here. While Kelly and I aren't ready to accept the almost walker we have on our hands, Lucy is beyond thrilled.
Oh, that independence!
This morning, Lucy and I took some time to celebrate her big milestone at Mayfield Park. Just Lucy, me and the peacocks soaking up the sun and eating some Torchy's. If you choose to visit this park just make sure to do it in SPRING because they are mating and all their feathers are open! It is incredible... and LOUD.

Lucy loves her some Mayfield Park.
Lucy loves a bunch of things these days! Her personal favorites include dogs/cats, babies and shoes. She kisses them all. In fact, we are in the kiss everything we love stage and this mama ain't complaining one bit. Lucy now climbs to the very top of all the playscapes and we slide down together. Some days, I have to book it to get there before she does... this girl is FAST. She is still a sucker for the swing but now must be watched SO close. Last week, she kept trying to stand in the swing... and the target basket... and her baby jogger. She's a thrill-seeker.
Such a personality, Lucy can now say Mama, Dada, Bye bye, Hi, Baby, Puppy, Yaya (pacifier) and More. She also signs more and all done. It is so fun to be able to understand what she want a little more. If we ask her where Gabey is... she will go off to find him. Those stinky sibs love to hide until she can find them. It drives her crazy. Lucy has mastered this really obnoxious scream to let us know when she wants something that we aren't giving her. This month...we are going to work on breaking that scream.... and the love affair with outlets.
Lucy still LOVES to eat but man, it sure isn't showing in her body size. She has one rockin' metabolism... just like her sister. Aside from sticks, rocks and pea gravel, she has a fancy for eggs, yogurt, grilled cheese, meatballs, avocados and especially rice. Lucy still eats her food in sections... it is so crazy to watch! When we feed her yogurt, we have to give use three spoons. One for each of her hands and one for us to feed with.
Lucy, these months just seem to be flying by and we are starting to get excited with first birthday plans coming so soon. You are at such a fun age and we can't wait to see about your adventures in the month to come!

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