Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our Lucy Day

It seems silly to me that you were the pregnancy that kept me up at night with worry.

Of all three, YOU were the one that we made a plan for and eagerly counted down to confirmation that you were going to be ours. Heck, you had your very own name already before you were even placed in my arms. Only you.

 Perhaps it was that we were old enough to know the risks this time and yet still new enough that we forgot to hold hope close. How could we ever maintain a balance with three? Surely you would tip the scale someway ... and you did. But, instead of dividing a balance between siblings, you just dipped us further into the loving side. Who knew? Only you.

It's funny now. In a my-heart-my-burst-if-I-think-about-it-too-much kind of way. To think that I had worried if I could love you enough or if you would fit our loud and quirky lifestyle. Sweetheart, you just might the strangest of the bunch. You are the keeper of both the loudest laugh and the smallest body. You do more than tag along to our family... you connect us all.

So today we mark a year of greatness. Remembering all those late nights, early mornings, fatigue, laughter, milestones, balancing, adventure-seeking...our Lulu keeping. Today we celebrate the beautiful light to this world that is our one and only you.

Happy Birthday, Lucy Ellen. What a year of fun.

One Year Birthday Stats:

Height: 27.5 in (10%)
Weight: 17 lb (3%)
Head: 45% (forgot to write down exact size).

* Don't forget to pause the music on the right side.

Untitled from Julie May on Vimeo.


Stacey said...

Very sweet video! I've been thinking about making one for my daughter's first birthday next month. Was it pretty simple using Vimeo???

Crazy May Days said...

So easy! The only thing is that you have to wait about 30 minutes after making the video before you can post...unless you are a vimeo plus member. Really easy to navigate though. You should make one!

Max said...

Just perfect! I love you, Lu, for SO many reasons! You're funny and sweet and silly and you look JUST like my best friend! You are the perfect balance for your wonderful brother and sister and I can NOT wait to see you soon!!!! Happy Birthday, sweetpea! Love, Aunt Maxey

Unknown said...

We had so much fun seeing your sweet family Saturday. It was a great day to celebrate Lucy!! We miss you guys! Also, thanks for putting a "Sweet Adeline" link on your blog.

Love you, friend!

Stewart Stuff said...

Lucy and Graham are on the same page as far as stats go. They are tiny in heigh and weight. Your post about her birthday was just beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes! Happy Birthday, Little Lucy!