Thursday, December 19, 2013

O' Christmas Trees.

When you lose both your grandmother's in 6 months, work nights during the outbreak of flu season, and feel like you have more than requested piled oh-so-high on your plate, you do what all sane people do. You buy two Christmas trees.

I mean, is there any better way to fill the holes of missing and tired than to cram it full of pine needles, twinkle lights and holly jolly goodness? I'm all about the self-medicating and let's face it, I'm a sucker for Christmas trees.

Meet our trees.


and "Muffin."

Decorating Sarge was all my efforts (so fun!!) while Muffin was much more of a collaborative approach. Prepare yourself. Gabriel is far too in love with his much too tiny thermal. He's bringing back the mid-drift. Holiday style.

Molly really wanted to hang the star this year, even though it wasn't her turn. She went so far as to climb Kelly and attempt an "accidental" star hanging. Sorry, long n' lean. Not this year.

 Gabe really put in full star effort. Pine needles in your belly button? NBD.

Short legs, short arms and a HEAVY torso. It wasn't pretty.

Milo went all judgey-faced on the whole situation.

Never fear, Milo. Muffin's got her star now. Here's to using your head, Kelly May.

O' Christmas Trees. Indeed.

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