Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The greatness of eight!

For as much as the work week can just seem to drag on and on, I feel like I blink and we are already taking another sticker month photo...every single time. 


Oh, 8 months. You are pretty magical.

I mean, there's the toothy smiles, the cooing, the laughing... if you weren't all wrapped in fiber glass, I am sure there would be the other things like sitting, crawling, bathing... 

Milestones, schmilstones. You make EIGHT look GREAT.

Big month for you, Nanners.

Possibly most noteworthy was the acquisition of your newest green gear. Surgery II has officially come and gone and you are looking quite fabulous in your lovely Irish green. It came just in time for St. Patrick's Day. Our Orthopedic Surgeon was so supportive of your green cast that he called his PA to run by his office on the way to the operating room and grab the perfect shade of green. It would seem everyone is a wee bit o' Irish in March.

Every time you go back in the OR under anesthesia, I am a ball of nerves. Even though all these procedures occur at my place of work, in a room I visit FREQUENTLY with patients... having my own child in that space is something that I will never feel comfortable with. You know what, I am okay with that. It is healthy boundary for me to maintain Mom mode with my little Mays... so that I can be a better Child Life Specialist when at work.

That anesthesia recovery never feels great.

But man, give you a couple hours...

 and you bounce back with haste. Have I mentioned how incredible you are?

We are halfway there through these surgeries and couldn't be more ready for June 1st. Next surgery scheduled for April 23rd and as an added bonus with a slightly shorter cast, we will once again get to see a little bit of those sweet legs we miss so much! Sitting? Crawling? Meh... KICKING. What a milestone that will be!

All that Irish green casting was the perfect addition to your Irish ensemble. We all agreed... there was NO way that you were getting pinched.

St. Patty's found you with a bit of RSV... "ish"... quite honestly, it never really amounted to more than some booger sucking, coughing, little bit of fever and extra sleeping/nursing sessions. Nothing we couldn't handle. Regardless, we did cancel our Irish potluck with buddies and quite frankly I was okay with it... Mommy and Daddy be crazy tired these days. 

But not you. You are too busy exploring all the new found loves in your life.

Like measuring spoons. There are very few things in this world you love more than measuring spoons.

You additionally discovered the greatness of playing with Lucy. She lets you knaw on lots of plastic play food and it apparently is exquisite. God help the person that tries to take that rubber piece of bacon from your clutches.

With the welcome of breezy and cooler March, came the return of patio dining. Bustling leaves, kids at play, live music and twinkly overhead lights? SOLD.

And because we weren't already sleep exhausted, back-pained and INSANE enough, we decided to attempt your very first tent camping trip... in a spica cast. It went beautifully! Seems that you mesh right in to camping with your siblings just fine.

It's the Annie May version of "roughing it".  (You can bet your bunnies that pacifier on the ground was most likely popped right back in your mouth seconds after this picture. 15 second rule?? No?)

I have a billion more pictures I could post from this month because it has been such a fun month with your growing personality! 

But I won't post them! It seems you might be on to me these days.

Ok... just kidding... one more.

You are so dang cute, kid.

We are incredibly thankful you're ours.

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