Saturday, April 4, 2015

Lucy's FOUR.

The other day on the playground, you rolled up to the playscape and a fifth-grader informed you that you were "it". Without missing a beat, you hopped of your scooter, helmet still on tight, walked right up to this towering fifth grade boy and immediately informed him that, "NOPE. I gave my it to someone else already." And turned and scooted away.

In that moment, I couldn't help but smile. What a perfect example of the fierce warrior you are. Afraid of nothing and ready to take on the world... immediately. God help anyone that attempts to stand in your way.

Kid, you are our household mastermind and you NEVER cease to amaze me. Pick the lock with a bobby pin to get out of your room? No big deal. Scooter downhill at 20 mph like you have longboarded for years? Done. The last one to sleep on movie night while nestled between your snoring siblings? Old news.

Your stride, ENORMOUS eyes, insane hair and awesome dance moves are so completely and wonderfully you. What you lack in stature, you beyond make up for in zest. You can determine a person's weakness almost within minutes of meeting them. Poor Gabriel, he doesn't stand a chance against you. Not going lie... there are so many days I stand in awe of your unfaltering confidence and witty sense of humor. We would have so much fun together if we were the same age... but alas, I get to parent you instead. Talk about daily checks and balances of keeping you safe but not crushing your spirit in the process. You are growing me as a parent every single day.

A couple weeks ago you helped me with a band-aid on my finger and I mentioned what an incredible doctor you could be one day. Silly me. How quick you were to remind me that you were going to be a popstar and sing in a band. And you know what? You probably will. Just remember how much Daddy and I love going to concerts down the road... perhaps some VIP seating??

Here's to you, Lucy May. My big and mighty four-year-old. What an adventurous year to come!


Lucy's FOUR! from Julie May on Vimeo.

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