Monday, April 18, 2016

A 5th birthday--- Hogwarts style.

So, I don't know if I have mentioned it here on the blog but the May children are 100% obsessed with Harry Potter these days. I like to credit myself for this magical idea. You see... I was going to possibly jump off our 2nd story roof if I had to endure too many more mornings of Star Wars trivia from Gabriel May before I had even opened my eyes for the day. It was a dark time in my parenting and I needed a change like YESTERDAY.

Enter Harry Potter.

I mean what's not to love? Magic? Adventure? Owls that bring you mail? Now there is an obsession I can rally behind.

We started out slow. Book one. Each night... three older Mays sprawled on the floor and Mom or Dad would just read aloud. Two butter-beers, some wizarding chess and a magical stone later and BAM there were hooked.

Surprisingly (and yet, somehow not...) Lucy might be the most obsessed about HP of the group. Well... that is discounting Molly's love of Draco Malfoy... a post for another time. Lucy is like legitimately living in Hogwarts every single day. There's a bunch of magic in that kid so it totally makes sense. She has been sorted in to a house by on online quiz (Slytherin...duh.), taught her entire pre-k class about "dementors sucking out your soul with the kiss of death" (awkward) and sorted all her friends in to houses on the playground (precious.) So when asked about what kind of birthday party she wanted, I was less than shocked to hear the request for a HP theme come rolling out of her mouth.

Oh, Lucy. You know your Mama loves her a theme. Park party... lots of friends... no real structure... it just screams of success really. Even better... is when my crafty ideas come together too. I dare say, Mr. May was even a bit excited how this one turned out.

Each child was sorted in to a house and given a broomstick...

To compliment their wands of course! (Dream birthday gift from the McWilliams clan right here).

After a brief flying lesson and safety with broomstick course led by one Madam Hooch Molly May... they were off to the games. House tournaments for the cup... those adorable Hufflepuffs sure were pretty all over the grid... followed by wizarding red light/green light and a little bit of follow the leader on brooms. 

Not kidding when I say that the flying version of my husband is what makes me love him the most. 

I mean frozen wands...

and Owl cupcakes just scream Harry Potter success.

It sure helps when you get to celebrate with families that have been in our lives before any of these kids were even born (well...technically the blondie on the bottom left was a week or two old.)

Even more magical than HP is this lot. What a great way to ring in a golden girl's big birthday!

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SuperShadowTacoAwesome said...

This is awesome its obviouse that you have been doing this for awhile love your stuff