Monday, April 4, 2016

A Golden Birthday.

Height: 40.2 inches (11%)
Weight: 36.4 lbs (25%)

Well. You did it, kid. The very first of all your siblings to hit your golden birthday. Not surprising though in the slightest. You are made of only the best kind of golden magic after all.

Oh, Lucy May. A whole hand old. Goodness, those five vivacious fingers have been ready to birthday high five for the past 364 days. Today. We have finally arrived.

I like to think that God took a little glance at our family before you arrived, had a bit of a giggle and whispered "Now for some fun..."

Quite honestly, I don't know that I have ever met a more fun child in my entire life.  It will probably be okay if I never meet another. You are my one-of-a-kind, love all, live all, afraid of nothing, streak the neighborhood while thinking of ways to change the world kind of gal. For such a small person you sure pack in a whole load of personality. It is pretty much my favorite thing in the world. Aside from your fantastic voice.

Last week, Molly and you were playing school together. Each were teachers and each had their own bedroom classroom to teach in. I walked in to Molly's "classroom" to find all her stuffed animals sitting quietly in a row while she read aloud from a chapter book. So serene. So calm. I then opened the door to the guest room to find animals that looked as if they had just survived gail force winds and you, the teacher, jumping on the bed chanting "No homework, More freedom". Way to stay true to you, dear. Don't ever change that.

Our resident megaphone, there isn't a soul in the neighborhood that doesn't know when you have some mighty opinions about something. I have absolutely no idea what you will become when you are older (you are pulling heavily for rockstar these days) but whatever it is... it will be spicy and alive and holy will be LOUD. Dad and I will be right there, front and center cheering you on to greatness.

Big changes to come this year. Kindergarten has absolutely no idea what is about to walk through their doors. I can't wait for them to learn all about wonderful, lovable, you.

You live every color of the rainbow, toots. Gaining a Lucy in my life has been like finding the most wonderful pot of gold. You make my Mama heart smile as big as the sky.

Happy GOLDEN birthday, buddy. We sure do love you so.

***(Turn up your speakers for birthday video music!)***

Lucy's 5th Birthday! from Julie May on Vimeo.

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