Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Week's Worth of Fun!

What a week! Julie is official battling the dreaded mastitis...a horrible affliction. Soon there will be ribbons made for mastitis awareness, but until then, a cure is a dream yet unrealized. She got some antibiotics from the brilliant Dr. Hays and should be fine in a couple of days.

Molly is a full-fledged troublemaker. She whines, screams, climbs into Gabe's swing and bouncer, tries to steal Gabe's pacifier (which she calls a "ya-ya")...but still manages to melt my gullible heart everyday. How can you stay mad at that kid?

Gabe is officially 1 week old today! For those of you without children, you begin counting your baby's age in weeks. This lasts until the baby is around 10 weeks old. Then you begin counting by months. Once the kid reaches the 24-months mark, you can begin to celebrate annually.

FYI: I have discovered something about our little man over the last 7 days. Gabe has a vocabulary of exactly one word. Whenever his near constant napping is disturbed, he says, "snarf." You may first think this is a nonsensical word uttered without reason, but for any fan of The Thundercats, this is clearly Gabe's homage to his favorite feline/reptilian/humanoid sidekick. I must tell you how proud I am to have a child with such an astute grasp of 80's pop-culture references.


Heather Anderson said...

Julie, I hope those antibiotics are working by now! Call me when you get a chance. I'd love to bring you a meal this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Cory is cracking up over the Thundercats reference. Congrats you guys!!

Anonymous said...

snarf. hahahaha. only you guys would have a baby who after only a few days is referencing 80s pop culture. that is freakin hilarious. can't wait to experience this in person