Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh Dinta...

Okay, please note that this post might just be a little bit TMI...but what the heck...

For those of you that do not know this- I have a "special" lady bump that we so dearly refer to as Dinta. Just about three years ago, a mammogram revealed that I had a breast tumor. (Don't worry BENIGN! with a few atypical cells.) I had to undergo surgery to remove the tumor. This left me with a special little friend who is slightly..well mostly...dinted...hence the name Dinta.

I always felt a little sorry for Dinta because she was a little special. In fact, I had even doubted that she would be able to participate in the whole breast feeding process. Well, Dinta took offense and proved me wrong with Molly. What an overproducer!!! So, needlesstosay her efforts landed me with Mastitis three times... imagine the flu with a super high fever. Not so fun.

So, I had high hopes that Dinta might be a changed lady this time around. But, oh Dinta- how quickly you have returned to old ways. So here I sit, with Mastitis once again eagerly awaiting my antibiotics tomorrow. On the answering machine at my OB there is the emergency contact number...to me this is an emergency...painful=emergency! However, then I started to think that all those laboring moms out there tonight that share my doctor might rate their pain a little higher...so I have decided to wait it out.

So for all you amazing women out there that keep boasting about how fantastic I am with the whole labor and delivery process...don't worry- no super woman here...super whiner is more like it! I am so sorry that I have not returned everyone's phone calls today! I loved listening to the messages though!! Please keep them coming. If I am asleep, I generally put my phone on silent in the other room - Dr. husband orders :). I realize that in this time to write the post I could have called maybe two of you back...but how can I choose with such amazing friends! I will call tomorrow! Say a prayer for speedy antibiotics (this is the OB's office time to shine... they have been in the dark quite a bit these days!) Also, pray for the reformation of Dinta- crazy girl.

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Anonymous said...

Mer!! I am so sorry that you are not feeling well. I love you and if you need anything please call me or have Dr. husband call me or Molly or Gabe call me...you get it :) Love love love and fast recovery to you and dinta!