Monday, May 26, 2008

Good Ole San Antone'

Well, we are back in Dallas...sadly, the heat decided to hang around and greet us :( What a weekend we had! We always love our visits to San Antonio!!! Gabriel and Molly proved to be the best little travelers...I mean it, they are good company on road trips! We look forward to many more to come! Here are some moments that document the weekend!
These are the first pictures taken at 6 am Saturday morning...we are loaded and ready to go! I took this picture all the while thinking..."Go to sleep Gabe" (which he did pretty much after the flash)
Molly and George were kicking it in their PJs. You see-we had originally planned to leave at 5 am so that we could REALLY trick the kiddos into thinking it was night time but Kelly was moving a little slow. That is right, Kelly...I blame you :) We even allowed Molly her "yaya"-a special treat only for bedtime!
The crew made it about 3.5 hours before we needed to stop. Molly was getting a little squirmy and Gabe needed to be fed. In true adventure style Kelly stopped us at the dirtiest gas station ever for a quick change. Gabe didn't mind! (At this point Molly is outside the car doing squats for exercise)
This weekend was not only ramped with fun but also a bit refreshing! It is always nice to sneak in some naps when you can...

I do think that the wash cloth on the face picture of Gabe is pretty funny but not nearly as funny as his Saturday night sleep in a laundry basket! I am SO bummed that I didn't capture this my camera. He was the cutest little laundry bundle ever!

Saturday all day was play time with the Figueroa Family! Molly spent some time with the boys playing Guitar Hero...

While, Gabriel snuggled with Aunt Melissa!

I was SO excited because I got to use my new stroller for the second time ever! This is my favorite brand new purchase! I hated my double stroller before because it was a little bit larger in life! This is perfect for us! Look how cute and excited they are!

It was our first visit to the pool this summer... WE WERE READY!

Shield your eyes!!! It is the two whitest people ever!!!

On Sunday, we spent the whole day with the Miller side of the family! We had a BLAST!

Kelly's aunt and uncle live in this beautiful neighborhood overlooking the hill country. All these deer just come up to sleep and eat in the front yards! The kids loved it!!!

It was a weekend of fun! Plenty of visits with friends and family! Who could ask for more?

Happy Memorial Day!

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Heather Anderson said...

Love the pictures at the fence...too cute! Little Gabe is sooo handsome. You are in trouble with a good looking boy and girl. Can't wait to see you soon... miss your smiley face at work!