Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rain Rain - GO AWAY!

R - really makes it hard to play outside...especially the thunder/lightening. This directly results in the May crew feeling a little bit couped up!

A - against my better judgement, I allow for us to invent "special art projects" while indoors which usually result in a SUPER huge MESS. But I have to entertain the troops somehow!

I - Inside all day = my already energetic almost- two- year- old has so much bounce to her step that the house shakes when she walks!

N - not going outside the house means limited adult/other human interaction for Mommy. For example... tonight I actually said: "No Milo (the cat), you can not have your food until night-night time". That is right. I am babytalking the cat. YiKeS.

I vote for Monday again (WHICH IS RARE) but I sure did like all the sunshine and flowers. Spring without many rainy days - I heart you.

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