Thursday, May 8, 2008

Our Anniversary times three!

Three years of awakening to the day in your arms not acknowledging the journey we’re traveling on. And stuffed in those three years are 10 years of love… over 1000 kisses, 60 hours of hugs. First kisses, becoming a Mrs., and royalty crowns, up to our elbows in diapers- raising our clowns. Three different addresses, four different cars, 2 brand new babies and millions of toys. We’ve shared coffee at midnight and movies till dawn. Phone calls for hours that we just happened upon. Spontaneous dinners and nights at the bars- more money in the bank…more room in the car. The reflection of memories how clearly I see that throughout all this chaos- you walk with me.

And to remember how it began I really can’t say… I guess that my heart has always loved you this way. If I could bottle the memories- carry them clutched in my hands for when life knocks us down with threatening demands. For the days when I feel so alone and so scared… I’d open my memories…till the dark disappeared. For in you there’s such joy- you represent home… you’re the light that strengthens when my confidence roams. For good times and bad it is so simple to see…you’re holding my hand as you walk with me.

And the best part about it is that you reside in my heart. If you had to leave early- our love wouldn’t part. I’d have your curls in our daughter, our son has your hands…your brow when you smile is reflected in them. To share a family with you is a dream come true… In this life and after…I walk with you.

Where it all began...first date! (aren't we hot...)

Ah, nerdy and in love...
Sadie Hawkins
Prom Junior Year

Senior Powder Puff

Senior Prom

Fun at Amy's Ice Cream throughout College

Positano- not really of the same era but pretty.


Emily said...

Who know you had a talent for writing poetry. This is so sweet!!

Your wedding was so much fun!!

Happy Anniversary!

Carole said...

Julie you are such a good writer! That was perfect:)

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary! ya'll are my heroes. julie, that was beautiful and it made me cry!!! i love you. (p.s. i like the tx lassos baseball t in those amy's shots)