Thursday, August 7, 2008

I've been tagged...

Hey Guys, I know that it has been a bit since my last post...I have been a little sick... but my friend heather tagged me and so I thought I would do this really quick...more posts to come soon...

Here are the rules-

1. Link back to the person that tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog- and here they are...
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours- See below
4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them- So many of my friends have been tagged :) I am going to tag 4 of you guys! If you have been tagged recently, just ignore this!
5. Leave a comment for each tagged blogger, to let them know they have been tagged.

My "victims"

1. My friend Stefanie with The Rogers Triplets

2. Miss Sara with Livin' the Lowe Life

3. My sister-in-law Casey with Hosler Herald

4. My friend Leslie, from high school with Dominie Days

*Julie's Six Facts/Quirks*

1. I have a very detailed history with the dentist...which is really amazing because I managed to escape needing braces or any major dental surgeries. For example, when I was seven I went to the dentist and had seven cavities. I think it should be a standard that the number of decaying teeth in your mouth should never be equal or more than your current age...yikes. When I was 9 I accidentally drank a cup of fluoride at the dentist office thinking it was water. I made it just about to the parking lot before I saw my breakfast again. When I was a sophomore in college I had to have all the fillings I received when I was seven resealed...apparently, they injected me with too much Novocaine and I splattered partially digested Captain Crunch all over the dentist's wall. Poor Kelly, then had to drive my swollen sorry self to Austin... I couldn't call my mom to tell her what happened because I was crying, drooling and too swollen to make any intelligible words come out... Kelly took my phone away to "save me from myself".

2. When I am coming out of anesthesia I am pretty much a train wreck. One time, I was trying to speak sign language to everyone in the room and another time I was apparently singing some Elton John song at the top of my lungs...priceless behavior that only few have been privileged to see...

3. I only use organic toothpaste because I have a problem with chronic canker sores. This seems to really help. I only like to brush my teeth with cold water. Warm water makes me gag.

4. I am great under pressure. I performed the Heimlich maneuver when my niece choked on a hot dog during the annual light the night walk, extinguished my cat's flaming tail when he placed it on the stove and pulled my brother's head out when it was stuck between two metal bars at the top of the Town East Mall food court in 1991.

5. I loved being pregnant both times... the only problem I ever experienced was sciatic nerve pain was when I was pregnant with Molly... I would seriously consider being a surrogate if we were finished having children.

6. I have a photographic memory and can remember almost every phone number from my if you were my friend in 2nd grade and we lost contact...don't worry- I've got your number! these really aren't that interesting...but definitely quirky...more posts to come soon...I promise!

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