Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another Day Another Dollar.

As a child I loved to play store. In fact, I used to line all my stuffed animals along the wall and have a garage sale. Every item had a price and had to be scanned with my wooden flower book end before it could be officially sold. To this day I still love it when I get to work a register...instant joy!

Today was hot, a little rainy and VERY muggy which meant we decided to spend our day shopping. It really was the perfect opportunity to shop.

I mean, all the babies were down for nap...

Molly and Lily Ben had quite a long shopping list and shopping with all the babies would have been a little much. I guess Molly was cooking for her 14 hungry babies. Our ever helpful Gabriel helped her find the needed items.
Such a pro at loading the conveyor belt.

The math seemed a little fuzzy with this guy working the register but we didn't argue...especially when he attempted to eat the receipt which was our only proof of his error.
Molly and Lily Ben had a blast. Apparently in Lily Ben world it is winter and VERY cold.
Such a great shopping experience that lasted for HOURS despite Gabe's numerous attempts to turn the theme to store monster. And yes, he does have one mean growl.
Such a day of shopping with prices better than HEB... that's a deal!


Max said...

I think I need to see a picture of Gabe's little finger. Gotta make sure everything is in working order!

Caroline said...

LOVE IT! This looks like so much fun. Ben can't wait to play again (and smile at Molly).

Carole said...

You're such a fun mommy!