Sunday, August 2, 2009

Finally! It didn't rain.

Something new and amazing happened this weekend.

Did I manage to quick-clean (code for: make-it-look-clean-without-really-cleaning) in 30 minutes? Well, yes I did but my house is a bit small so that really doesn't account for supreme greatness... just a nice way to start the weekend and a tiny taste of that natural high you get cleaning. Anyone else know what I mean here?

Did Kelly fold all the laundry while I was at the hospital today? Why yes he did...but this is often the norm because he folds laundry like he has worked at Gap his whole life and apparently my folding is too messy? So wonderful and amazing, yes ---just not new.

Get ready for it.

Kelly and I actually went to a Ranger's game that didn't rain-out. Don't get me wrong, it was close. We definitely drove to the game along a dark and ominous wall of black clouds but it all managed to dissipate upon our arrival to the stadium. This NEVER happens.

Kelly and I are good people to have around in a drought. We often tempt rain when we wash our cars but if you want to see some true Texas thunderstorms just hand us a pair of tickets to the ballpark and it's your lucky day. At least that used to be the case but not anymore.

Look... We're dry!

There may have been no rain but the game was a bit of a wash. C'est la vie, we'll take what we can get! Yummy hot dogs and beer sure did comfort our bruised little ranger egos.

I had every intention of meeting up with friends in uptown to celebrate birthdays/moving away post-game but I just didn't have it in me. Has this night owl lost its luster? Perhaps. I personally chalk it up to another round of potential eye disease that Kelly and I are currently plaguing. Check above... my left eye is a nice and swollen and Kelly's right eye is a healthy shade of pink. So together we make one perfect set of eyes... ahhh, a perfect match. (Well, truth be told we make up one perfect set of prescription wearing eyes but really who's keeping track.)

Amazingly, the game is so much more enjoyable when you don't have soggy underwear caressing your body. Such a nice change, a bit less clingy and made life a little easier when participating in 6 rounds of the wave.

So rain rain go away... but feel free to come back when it is not game day because our yard is always a little thirsty.

Our fun weekend was definitely a hit.

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