Sunday, August 9, 2009

Birthday Ball

Oh! Today was the day that every Princess named Jasmine dreams of!!!
A truly divatastic day!
Birthdays are just the best! As I sit here at the computer reflecting on the past 24 hours I can't help but smile. I have never known a more princess crazed, barbie loving child that truly believes that she is a princess named jasmine (she even told her new pre-k teacher that was her name---there is no way this school is ready for Molly). Little girls may be made of sugar and spice but I think that a few key ingredients were left out like tulle and flair. At least in the case of our Miss Molly.
Technically, Molly doesn't turn three until Friday but with August so jammed with birthdays and the start of school this was the best date for the majority of the guests. So despite a little vertigo that I have been battling this weekend we celebrated our little hearts out...princess style.
What better way to prepare for a princess party than with castle cake? I really took this next picture because I thought that there was NO way that the cake would make it to the party in one piece as I am a bit clumsy and had to climb a BIG hill. So here was the pre-party documentation.
To my dismay it survived the commute! The flag (at half mast in the shot) says Happy Birthday Molly! My mom is the best cake making partner ever!
Molly had so many incredible gifts. I am still a little shocked that there was not one barbie princess duplication. She was so into the present part this year!

We quickly put the engineers to work!

Last year's splash park adventures seemed a little less wild. It is amazing the added craziness that a walking, water splashing 'love chunk' can add! I think on two separate occasions I looked at Kelly and we both asked each other "Where's Gabe?" This boy was in SPLASH PARK HEAVEN. I would like to give a special shout out to one Brian Baker for stepping up as a parent to our little runaway. Whew. Mommy and Daddy might have been a little distracted with the diva.
The kids kept the grown-ups in line
pausing only to take a snack break.
such a fantastic party! Watch out world----Molly's turning three!

* If you happened to take any pictures of the party that you care to share that would be INCREDIBLE as the only pictures I took are posted. How can I function without my usual 100+ pictures? Feel free to email!


AllisonDickson said...

I must say, Molly looks BEAUTIFUL in her new "jewelry." We had a great time today! Neal especially loved playing at the splash park with the kids.

Theresa said...

Oh, she is SUCH a princess! Can't believe she's so grown up!

The Rundells said...

I LOVE HER!!!! I think she is perfect and I wish I was there to sing all the princess songs with her! I am so happy for your little family. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOLLY!