Saturday, August 29, 2009


This past Monday I took the crew in to the doctor for their well visits. Because they are almost exactly 18 months apart their well visits fall at the same time (well, this was the last time it will). We just knock it out in one day and move on. It is extra funny to see two almost naked kiddos playing while Dr. Sue gets to work. They couldn't be more different in body structure so it is really funny to see them together.

Here is the update!
Gabriel Joseph May
18 Months

weight: 28.0 lbs - 80%
length: 33.25" - 75%
cabeza: 19.5" - 90%

Gabriel has quickly transformed into our resident love chunk. He continues to be so calm in nature (although we are seeing a slight preview of two these days). It seems that this month he has just exploded with new words. He can repeat almost ANYTHING which is really fun. Molly especially likes the way he says Pocahontas. It sounds something like Pocotasssss. Gabriel has finally mastered the correct way to use no and yes and LOVES to drag out the ssss in words. All of his ssss sounds have a 'th' in there too though. He continues to be a super eater these days but has definitely lengthened so he appears thinner. Do not be deceived, he is HEAVY because he makes you do all the work when you hold him.

Gabriel is finally getting some one:one with Molly in school two days a week and he doesn't know what to do with all this attention! When Molly is at school we have been practicing some important skills like walking next to me and holding my hand on the sidewalk. This will come in handy now that he officially dislikes his stroller. Gabriel's current favs include: PUPPIES (his spirit animal :), attempting to eat bugs (yuck!), playing with matchbox cars (LOVES LOVES this), anything with balls, Diego, Mickey Mouse and Daddy. He dislikes: swinging (all the sudden), having to wait at the top of the slide and being told to climb out of the fridge.

Molly Grace May
3 years old
weight: 27.6 lbs - 20% (whooohoo!) Gabe has outweighed her for some time now.
Length: 36.5"- 65%
BMI: less than 5%

I never realized how much noise Molly added to the house until she started school. Life is so oddly quiet without her crazy stories! Our Molly is a TALKER. It is quite shocking that Gabriel talks at all with as much as she talks for him. Our Molly lives completely and totally in princess world. She calls Kelly "prince eric", Mommy "Snow White" and Gabriel "Aladdin". She is trying all sorts of new things recently like learning to ride her big girl bike at the lake, starting pre-school and beginning Ballet on Monday! Molly now raises her hand at home when she has a question. We really don't think Molly's life could exist without the local library. Her favorites include: Jasmine and all the gang, dancing "ballet" to the Amelie soundtrack, her tutu, wearing earrings, riding her bike, BARBIES, books and her best friend, Avery. Molly has little tolerance for sharing her toys with Gabriel, being woken up, being told what to wear or eating string cheese.

They are just getting SO big!!!


AllisonDickson said...

This picture of Molly is BEAUTIFUL!!

Max said...

I love doing ballet to the Amelie soundtrack too! :)

Angela said...

I hate being told to climb out of the fridge too!