Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jill the Christmas tree

Every year we head out to a good ole' Christmas tree farm and find our tree. It is one of my most FAVORITE holiday traditions! We had decided this year to find a tree at a farm close to Austin lest we hit up IH 35 for a nice 3+ hour stint of Yuletide cheer on the top of our van. Looking at our calendar it quickly became clear that in order to get to the tree farm we would need to wait for an open weekend pretty close to Christmas. We were ready for a tree now. Sooooo... we took a nice ole' family trip to Lowes. Not going to lie, it didn't have quite the same level of holiday excitement as the tree farm does but we ended up with a great Christmas tree---for a really great price. Which Molly promptly named Jill.

This year marked the first year that both Molly and Gabriel were really into the whole decorating thing. They did have a little practice round at Nonnie's last weekend which I think helped.

By the end all of the ornaments were located in the same general space which meant some clever ornament relocating once the kids were in bed.
In the end... Jill looked FANCY!

Gabriel really wanted to help put on the tree topper thanks to good ole' Fancy Nancy. We didn't think he would be able to but used it as a little photo op. Let me tell you, he put that star right on the top and completely centered on the tree. He might have found his new Christmas spotlight...because we all know Molly will get nowhere near a ladder.

We sure are enjoying all the holiday memories we are making with our own little family. I don't know about you but I think that having small children around Christmas time is the BEST thing to experience.

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Stewart Stuff said...

Gabe was a brave soul to want to be hoisted up to put the topper on. Too cute!