Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our Quirky Dog

I feel like so much of this blog depicts the daily living of the Mays but it seems that one May is consistently left out. Which let's face it... with a new baby almost here, little is going to change in that area.

Except for tonight. Tonight is all about our very own, Rosie George. She just might be the quirkiest dog I know. These few pictures depict a typical day in the life of Rosie George. Maybe you will see what I mean by quirky.

Photo 1: Our in-and-out dog.

Every day, several times a day, Rosie will stand halfway through her doggie door for about 10 minutes at a time. It is very not normal. In this time, she will watch the birds, the squirrels, perhaps feel the wind on her face all the while leaving us to look at her rear end like wall art.

Photo 2: Headless Retriever

My 9-month-preggo body really has come to covet nap time. And Rosie, well--- she goes everywhere I am so that means she covets naps too. The difference is that she prefers TOTAL darkness when she sleeps. She sleeps like this EVERY day. Our headless dog.
Photo 3: Rosie, the papillon?
Rosie truly has no idea how much she weighs. She thinks she is a lap dog.

And a certain member of this family does everything he can to encourage it.

While not a huge presence on the blog---we can't imagine a DAY without the hilarious quirks of our Rosie George.


AllisonDickson said...

Those last two pics crack me up!!! Oh, Rosie George...

tiffanymiller said...

Sexy tank top Kel!