Monday, September 5, 2011

Lucy's 5 Months

Lady Lu is now a rockin' 5 months y'all. In case you didn't know this--- she's kinda a big deal.

Our gal has all kinds of fancy tricks these days. Lots of droolin', toe suckin', rollin' across the room and as of yesterday... CRAWLING. Slooooooooww down, Lu. Too many attainable barbie shoes for eating with too little organization for them project this week. In terms of crawling, it is just commando crawling but you bet she gets where she needs to go. I turned to Kelly in a mild state of panic and informed him, "Well, at least she isn't up on all fours yet." I kid you not--- as soon as the words left my mouth we look across the room to her on all fours.


I really think that our biggest accomplishment this month has been surviving August's heat. Countless days of 108-112. 70+ days of over 100. Not fun. And yet, we made it work. Lucy has been swimming everyday this month but one. We are soooooooo grateful she loves the water or our on-the-go lifestyle would have been struggling.

Our poolside babe...

Lucy, this has been such a fun month. Molly summed it up best when she told us that you were now a, "fun, big baby". Your siblings LOVE how engaging you are now. You are so interested in everything around you.

You make hilarious faces and have such a funny laugh. We have some sorry efforts to catch your laugh on our basically broken video camera---*would make a great birthday present... just sayin' :)

*Mute music on side.

Hopefully this month you can experience zip jackets, cool wind and umbrellas. Hard to believe that you have never seen rain. You can try cereal this week and we just know you are going to LOVE it! Such an exciting month to come!

Happy Five Months, Lucy girl!

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tiffanymiller said...

sweetest little squish! I can't wait for she and stell to play!