Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Weekend May Style-- Part One!

When you work two weekends in a row and your first home weekend happens to fall on a holiday weekend with about million awesome family options... you do as any sane person would do. You try them all.


Our weekend was far the most amazing, action-packed, Halloween extravaganza to be found. By the end of it--- we were pooped and you know, given the chance--- I'd go do it all over again and invite more people to join us.

The next few posts are going to be flying at your picture heavy because while I could attempt, I would in no way succeed in describing with words alone the absolute cuteness that comes with kids in costumes. SO. I won't attempt it.

We started the weekend off with a fall festival at a nearby preschool where about half the neighborhood kids go to. It was so fun to see all our little friends there but also SO crowded. The cool front pushed a normally outdoor festival all indoors last minute. Bounce houses included. I didn't even attempt pictures as I was really trying to just maintain sanity  So for all holiday hoopla purposes- our fall festivities started on Saturday morning with a trip out to Sweet Berry Farms. We visit this farm throughout the various seasons and regardless of the time of year, it never disappoints. Such a fun place to play!

Gosh, we just really had so much fun there. While I think that there is too much city in my crew to live on a farm, a visit now and them is just about the best place ever to run free.

It sure does feel pretty wonderful to be in a stage of life that doesn't depend so heavily on nap schedules. An easy third baby is just such a present.

With visits to the animals

Trellises of gourds overhead (who knew that's how those funky shapes came about!)

 and field after field of farm fresh flowers (yours for the picking!!!)

 How could you not have a blast? Seriously. I filled three beautiful vases in my home for three dollars. THREE DOLLARS, PEOPLE.

Some much needed fall fun in the cool sun with my crew.

When we arrived home and I was arranging my flowers, I looked down to this. My little romantic was quite smitten with my three dollar find too.

The rest of our weekend to come!

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