Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Walk with your feet"

Oh, friends. We are now entering my most favorite part of the Texas weather patterns... the parktastic kind. It's hard to find a day recently without at least one family outside adventure. Remind me to never move to any place that offers limited outside play options...because right about now, it is perfect! Drop it about 10-15 degrees for daily highs and I may just pitch a tent and take a vacation out there.

You know, we've been having so much parktastic fun recently, that it is really going have to be a blog post to itself. Kinda of like that camping trip video I'm working on... soon.  Ha, such a tease.

Our parktastic dates are really where I feel at peace the most in my life with littles. Which I realize, is a little funny. Too many days spent playing at home makes my brain itchy. Mommy needs the sun, a bunch of trees and some good ole' wind in the hair. Not going to lie... it can be pretty magical.

Case in point.

My Super-Luper is quite a little lover of parks these days too. Miss independent, shows fear of very little in this world and to date, it is in nothing that can be found on a playground. We pass a park on the road and she incessantly yells, "Playglound! Playglound!!! I want to swing swing. Lucy sllllliiiiidddeeee?" It's so cute... how could you not stop?

We embrace the magic of playglounds to the max. Today, my heart was touched by a special little and very long forgotten magic. I glanced over at our littlest miss just in time to teleport back to November of 2008. Don't get me wrong... it was our Lucy for sure.

"Walking with her feet". An old favorite for one other May I know and love.

My kids make me smile. And today, was absolutely no exception.

So. Now that you are feeling all warm and fuzzy, I want you take all (or a least a bit) of that positive energy and send it right on over to our little friend, Adeline Prewett. She is having a VERY important heart surgery tomorrow morning. Who doesn't love a good cheer leader? So, cheer with us for Addie as she once again blows all those doctors away with her incredible strength and beautiful spirit. Her Mom and Dad will send ongoing updates/prayer requests throughout the day on their blog.

A parktastic post coming soon!!!

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