Thursday, February 7, 2013


There have been times in the past few days that I have really tried so hard to sum up 2012. Quite frankly, I just can't. It was a year of so much transition, heightened anxiety paired with some of the most magical memories all squished into 12 teensy months. You had a little bit of it all, 2012. While at times bipolar, you were much happier than 2011 and for that... I am grateful and very excited to see what's ahead in this sparkly new year.

 This year, began with the charge of shifting tides...

And when Kelly’s marketing job ended abruptly the following month, it may have taken some superhero strength… but we rallied as a family.


It turns out when you step away from a negative situation, the light really can flood in. 2012, thank you for reminding us.

Sometimes you just need to trust where you are. After all, a lot of incredible change can happen in just one year. We celebrated that.


Turns out celebrating often leads to newfound friendships.

Let's be honest. Is there anything more magical than friendship?


2012, you took us to new places…even if it was just a couple of streets away, it felt different… and at times scary.

So we threw one great party, and made it feel like home again.


And then it got busy. Joyfully busy. 2 very special weddings, the start of preschool and birthday week. We squished it all in.


2012, you had a lot to say about things…there were limits, visual reminders and loads of scotch tape. We had a good little giggle.


For all the heartache of the beginning, the knowledge at ending sure carried a punch of pizzaz...


For even on our darkest days and bleakest moments, it seems that the biggest blessings of the year---were with right with us all along.


Forget fireworks. They are the best light I needed to start my 2013. Happy New Year.

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