Thursday, February 7, 2013

Eviction Day

So, this morning abundantly solidified the fact that I am not a morning person. As if I had any reason to believe I was one... um, hello. I work the night shift.

 But, Gabriel?

That guy can rock the mornings like it's nobody's business. It could be a superpower that us villainous night owls would loathe. At least he makes it look cute.

Gabriel and Little Bear showed up for surgery at 6am sharp today ready to party. He was all high comedy and winning smiles. No versed, completely independent, laughed his way to sleep... if I could have half this kid's personality... oh, the possibilities.

Sad thing about surgery though is that it never really feels like a party in the end. For our sweet Gabriel, it was no exception.

He woke up sad and loud. He would whine...cry...fall asleep mid sentence for a few minutes and then pick right back up where he was mid whine. It went a little something like this for a good 15 minute stint: "I miss my home sooooooo much.... I never ever ever *doze off for a few minutes* EVER want to come back here."



But then Daddy arrived. And so did the popsicles. If life is gonna knock you down a few rungs, then you most definitely want a daddy nearby and a popsicle in hand as you rally.

We made it home and the boys snuggled in, while I went to snag Lucy from a Tinkerbell dance party with her bestie. Madam bossypants likes to play! (Thanks Liliana and Bella for having her over!)

So, we made it through today and are now moving towards healing. I think we might be in for a bumpy couple days still but all in the right direction. We really felt the love today and couldn't be more thankful for it. I feel ready for tomorrow...(even though today alone feels like it could have been an entire week long.)

 More updates to come.

Thanks again for all the calls, texts and positive energy for our little man!

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