Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mays hike.

This morning didn't start out too promising. 

I was coming off my second nightshift and dang, I was feeling it. I looked over at Kelly and was met with a graggly, "I think I have a sinus infection". I'm fairly confident he had more to say about sinus woes and all, but he wasn't able to finish as we were immediately interrupted by a giggling Gabe and Molly in costumes. 

Hello, 7:15 am. Can you just come back in a hour or so?

We cancelled our morning plans which was sad for about 15 minutes. I love cheering on runners and to do it the company of great friends was even more enticing. And yet, 15 minutes later when I once again closed my eyes to gifted extra sleep, I think that I heard baby angels laughing. Seriously... it was that wonderful.

By the afternoon, we claimed the day. I love it when that happens.

We have decided that we are going to be hikers. 

And while we may not be climbing impressive peaks and camping with limited supplies, we make our version of hiking look good.

A couple key things were learned during the hike today:

1. My husband looks good. Even with weirdy lighting and a sinus infection. I am both in awe and angered by this. 

*Note: you will not find a picture of me in this photo run and it wasn't by accident. You see, I opted out of a shower and I think only managed to deodorize one armpit today. It is important to understand that claiming the afternoon doesn't necessarily include claiming cleanliness too.

2. If you hike around an almost-spring sunset, prepared to be wowed. The clouds had magic in them today.

3. My kids are pretty amazing tree climbers. As a fellow tree climber, I am so proud of this. Seriously, not one child was afraid of the heights.

4. Hiking trails are where you might find love. Well, if your names are Rosie George and Sunny. She loved him even in-spite of his boring name. They just might have been soul mates. But he is a Southey and she doesn't do long distance relationships. Sorry, Sunny.

5. My kids need a beach. No seriously. Summer can't get here fast enough. Thank goodness for volleyball courts and great imaginations.

Who knew hiking could be so enlightening?

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