Thursday, February 7, 2013

Soggy Day for Surgery

Austin has now enjoyed two much needed, glorious days of rain. Last night, was the slow trickle rain--- the perfect kid of rain for sleeping. However, with surgery day upon us, I was wide awake.

 It's a tiny bit comical to have anxiety about his surgery as it really is a very basic surgery (tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy), at the place I work and am familiar with, by the medical team I specifically researched and chose. And yet, all night I was up watching the clock.

 Because while I know that he is my big brave almost 5-yr-old...

In my heart, I still look at him and see this...

I doubt that will ever change and you know, I'm really okay with it. So if you have a lull in your day today, perhaps you could send some good love in the direction of Gabriel and Little bear. They have a surgery adventure this morning and their Mom is feeling a little nervous.

 Updates to come!

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