Tuesday, November 5, 2013


The other day at breakfast, we were discussing whose birthday came next in our little family. Bet you can't guess who started that conversation. GABRIEL, er, somebody has been counting down since about last March. Molly kept incessantly trying to upgrade her barely 7 status to 7 and a half. That was a harsh reality for her. Not even 7.5 until Gabe's birthday? Say it ain't so.

So, when Lucy chimed in that she was a half now too, our resident expert on all things birthday was very quick to shut.her.down. Somewhere around mid-bite into my bagel it hit me...oops... Lucy was in fact two and half years old. Happy half birthday, Lucy from a couple weeks ago. Your negligent parents sure love you and your easy going ways.

Wait, did I say easy going and 2.5 in the same sentence? Yeeeeeah, I thought not.

Don't let this face fool you.

This kid is all things two-years-old. Loud, opinionated and at any given moment far too sticky for her own good.

It's been a big couple months for Lucy.

Big girl panties.
 First hair cut.

First skeleton mask.

You know. The important milestones.

No seriously, the biggest milestone of all took place for her parents. Lucy has been independently climbing in and out of her crib now since she was around 15-months-old. For the past six months or so, we have just been kissing her goodnight and then watching her climb in to the ole' crib for the night. I know. I'm not proud of our parenting choices either.

But alas, her crib has been converted! Our panty-wearing, skeletor of a toddler is legit in her big girl bed. It only took her parents 15 or so months to catch up. Being the third child rocks, no?

She doesn't seem to mind, though. You see, mermaids really know how to roll with it.

Tank top when it is 49 outside? Why not? I mean. Who doesn't love a backwards rainbow tank top in the fall?

So, here's to you, Lucy May. You sure know how make 31 months look awesome.


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She a cutie