Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Our home.

For my birthday this year, more than anything--- what I really wanted was for my new house to feel like home. I could think of no better method to achieve this then to cram the place full with people I love, delicious snacks and ample amounts of alcohol. For all the 60-75 amazing people hanging around my house, I didn't take a single picture. I was too busy living in the moment. I know I have mentioned this before here, but I am continually blown away by the amazing people in our lives. Love really is all you need.

So, since I can't document all the love in the house--- I'll show you a little bit of labor.

Home projects are my personal form of Xanax. Nowhere else can I get in my head for a bit, blast some music and take out life's frustrations with a hand sander and a bucket of paint. Thank goodness my husband knows how to meet me in that space, not offer "suggestions" and keep me company. Fellow music lover, midnight furniture painter and the man can work magic with a jigsaw... swoon.

When we purchased the house, it really was move-in ready. Of course if you at all know me, then you know that means absolutely nothing. The weeks between close and move-in, I  grabbed the besties and painted a couple rooms in the house (I traded in picture taking for wine drinking, of course). The rest of the painting projects were late night Kelly and Julie dates. He wooed me with frog tape and semigloss paint.

While it was definitely labor... I sure felt the love.

in beautiful spring green cabinets (color pictured is wonky. It looks waaaaay better)

and super stripedy bathrooms...

in a Kelly-made patio table and the sweet people that eat dinner there...

in the art that lines my backyard fence.

This house is a starry night, smores cozy kinda love.

In the past several months, I have decided to take on projects that I had absolutely NO idea how to do. Sounds like the ideal recipe for success, no? I guess the one positive of Craiglist treasures, is what is the real harm if something comes out horrible? Always a risk but thankfully with my most two recent projects, it was a total reward...

Like for instance... it turns out reupholstering furniture isn't hard at all... who knew? (Well, especially when your insanely-talented-seamstress-of-a-MIL handles the seat cushions--- that part actually does involve sewing abilities). I think I might have found something even better than the hand-sander for pent up aggression. MALLETS. Get you one and go crazy. On furniture. Not people. 

I digress. Refocusing you back. 

See... it came out pretty!

 I seriously considered being all pinteresty with the whole step-by-step,  how tos and what-nots... and then I returned to reality and remembered that I still have absolutely no clue how it all came together. Luck and a whole lot of staples. Is there a pinterest category for that?

The whole space just floods with light and Milo and I can't get enough of it. If only his grey self could just manage to stay off the champagne upholstery. Le sigh. Fancy cat, le sigh. What can I say, he appreciates my hard work. (Note to self, if you are at all allergic to cats then you miiiiight want to avoid the far left winged-back chair. Ahem, Maxey.)

There's still a lot to do with the space downstairs. I guess that is the beauty of owning a home. I have all the time I want to fill it with my weirdy treasures. Thank goodness I have weirdy people to tie me over until then. 

It suffices to say that we are definitely breaking in our new digs, 

getting comfy...

and making it our own. Mermaids and all.

Pictures of the upstairs to come sometime in the next decade or so.

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