Thursday, October 9, 2014

A good, good friend

There are oh so many great things that I hope to grow in my children. Many great things, they have already grown in me. I love this.

Of all the many ways that I have felt love over the past couple months, the ones that have touched my heart the most is found right there in the muck of living, somewhere sandwiched between towering laundry piles and insane, bickering, quasi-dressed small people. Lost in the trenches per se, trying to navigate these unfamiliar waters with very little sleep and lots of people talking at me.

Yet in it all... they found me, plopped right on their rumps in the chaos and didn't try to change a thing. All to just kept me company.

That, my friend, is how you love a Julie.

If there is anything I hope to let my children know, is how to just step out of their own lives, sit down in the hot, hot, hot sun and just be there for someone else in the mundane and chaos. To make them laugh and above all... just be their good, good friend.

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