Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hip Update

Well. It suffices to say for the past 8 weeks this kid sure did rock the Pavlik harness like a champ. 

Unfortunately, Wednesday's ortho/ultrasound appointment revealed that the harness has not been effectively able to stabilize Annie's right hip due to some cartilage blocking the entrance of the joint. Her left hip is completely in place now which was originally the one more out of socket.

All this means is that we will now move forward with plan B which will be the stabilization of Annie's hips by surgically placing her in a Spica cast. Obviously, we are disappointed the Pavlik didn't work and really sad that Annie has to have surgery and be in a HUGE cast for at least 16 weeks. The developmentalist in me cringes at the missed milestones to come... and I am terrified of diapering that sucker. Yet, with all that said... Kelly and I feel very at peace that surgery is the very best option available right now for Annie. I have never been more thankful for a kid with such a pleasant little personality. Gosh, I can't imagine going through all this with a overly fussy baby.

Upon hearing the news about the surgery, I jumped right into Julie-style of coping. I essentially researched the HECK out of all thing Spica cast. I have stumbled across so many blogs and forums with the most amazing tips and products to help us prepare for the next couple months to come. There is still so much more I don't know but after meeting with our pediatrician today, I feel very supported and empowered with the tools to better understand it all.

So. Here is the plan. As of right now, Annie is harness-free.

It is a pretty bittersweet to have her out of the Pavlik... something I wanted so badly... just not under these circumstances. She has been a little fussy today and I think it is because we went from 23 hrs in a sturdy brace to literally brace free. Her body isn't used to not having that stabilization and I am sure there is some tightness in her joints. Throw in her 2-month-vaccines today and life is just peachy right now for Miss Annie. Le sigh.

For the time being, the focus is to just let Annie grow a little. Our Orthopedic team would prefer that she is a little bigger before she is in the Spica cast for so long. Right now, it is looking like the surgery will be scheduled for just after Christmas. We will know more specifics after our appointment in November. 

Then Annie will be placed in a Spica cast under anesthesia. Our physician is going to first attempt a closed reduction with flouro however, with the cartilage in the way it is highly likely that it might have to be an open reduction (read: little incisions.)

We have felt so very supported by all the texts and phone calls of encouragement from family and friends. Keep sending all that light and love our way---- we feel it and know without a doubt it is making a difference. 

We will update as we know more. Kelly and I are both learning so much daily. I'll also post a list here soon of great products that we have found or are considering purchasing. If you have any that you know of or recommend please feel free to leave it in the comments or message it to me! It truly takes a village!

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