Saturday, March 21, 2015

Math and stuff.

I'm quite a fan of math.

In fact. I even married a man that for all intended purposes was a math major for a good ole' chunk of his lengthy collegiate experience. He loves math too...even if he now works in software sales. I'm told there's math there too.

These days it is all about correlation. I've come to realize that a quiet blog is in complete correlation to a Julie in chaotic overload.

or for you fellow mathletes:

NXY(X)(Y)[NX2(X)2][NY2(Y)2]NXY(X)(Y)[NX2(X)2][NY2(Y)2] correlation (r) = nxyxynx2(x)2ny2(y)2

where as x is my lack of blogging and y is my failing sanity. My covariance is most definitely non-zero.

Feeling lost?? WELCOME.


Friends, it has been a season. I would be lying if I told you that the past 7 weeks have been the easiest walk in the park for my family. My sleep tank has reached critical levels of low and we are just weathering this storm.

Let's pause for a second though and take a minute with this storm. My storm has sleepy and waking up a bunch at night, limited self care/hygiene, a baby that can't roll over anymore and would really like to and crazy couped up kids ready to bust out the doors once the rain lets up and spring can FINALLY pour in. But my storm does not have death, or major disease, organ failure, or limited access to Downton Abbey (we all know how bad that could be). I have my daily reality check at work and definitely remember to cut myself a piece of humble pie at the end of the day on my way out the door. Please know that I see the difference. LOVE ME.

All I am saying is that for the majority of my parenting, I feel like it goes something like this:
 I kid, I kid. Remember? I ate that humble pie.

Kelly and I laugh though because most often... our end of day is much more something like this...

Only right now with all that night waking... our start of day feels like that too.

Let's take this week. In the past 8 days all the following have transpired:

  • Annie had surgery for her 2nd spica placement (It is green and fabulously LIGHTER)
  • I took Molly to the doc for blood work due to this random acute leg pain and a week of bloody noses (note: NO leukemia. I repeat...NO leukemia.)
  • I had epidural cortisone injections in my L5:S1 herniated disc
  • Annie caught RSV (and recovered!)
  • We cancelled our St. Patty's party
  • Lucy rested her head in a fire ant bed and is now rocking 42+ bites on her face, neck and chest 
  • Kelly has poison ivy ON.HIS.FACE
  • The water pressure broke in our house, repair guy can't make a visit until we line up and shower in trickling water like we are visiting some rare and barely functioning waterfall in the desert. (Note: The whole brown flush it down nooooow takes about 4 flushes.)
 So. What I'm saying is that it's really been awesome and it is the perfect time to come visit the Mays. No?

I am intelligent enough to know that this will all pass and we in someway we will walk away from it all so very much stronger... even if only in our sense of humor and appreciation for good hygiene. I am trying so very hard to remind myself that I am good at my job (despite the back pain, exhaustion and crunchy attitude these past weeks) and I will be a better friend to people here soon when I'm not so pooped. It's when I am most sleepy that my self esteem takes the biggest punch to the gut. 

So... if we haven't called, or blogged, or waved in the carpool line, or you caught me nodding off in the check out line at HEB with my shirt inside out... you now know... I don't have dementia... I'm not deliberately trying to be a bad friend, I do know how to put on a shirt.

Life's just taken a bite out of us.

But don't you worry...we fully intend on biting it back.


Mary Anne said...

Oh my!! I have to say I feel the most empathy for Lucy- fire ant bites to the head?!?! Yikes!!! My worst nightmare

Julie said...

It. Was. Terrifying!!!