Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Seven Months

Oh, hey there 7-Months.

You sure are pretty cute.

It has been quite the month for our littlest lady. We are officially a full month and a day in to life with spica. I can't tell you what an accomplishment that feels like. The sleepless nights, issues with constipation, chronic back pain, adjusting to life in a cast and all out sunless weather has made this the most challenging month yet. We've been so very supported though... and I know with certainty we are getting closer and closer to the finish line. I can't wait to snuggle those sweet little legs and give Annie the BEST.BATH.OF.HER.LIFE. A couple months to go!!

While, it has been a season of hard for the parents, Annie continues on with the same, beautiful little spirit as before. This child radiates sunshine in our family. Those twinkly eyes?? I mean, come on.

Sure she cries, gets frustrated with the limited mobility and she really, really would like to suck on her toes. I get asked all the time if she ever cries. I think that is pretty funny. She definitely does... she just reserves it for when she is really tired and wants Mommy. No complaints here for the extra Mommy love. I know how quickly they become crazy three-year-olds that won't hold still for the life of them.

90% of her day though... it's the cutest, sweet smile staring up at me.

Her favorite people on the planet continue to be those crazy siblings of hers. She can't get enough of them! It would seem the feeling is mutual.

Even despite the growing stench of her cast... they still snuggle in close!

Annie cut her first two bottom chompers this month. Thank goodness for frozen waffles, amber necklace and her Punkin Butt Teething Oil. What a winning combo for this Austin hippie! I been bitten a few times with nursing. I am completely amazed at how your body blocks all memories between children of how much that hurts. How quickly you remember!!

We are beyond ready for some better weather next month. Looks like we have another potential icy day coming up on Thursday. UGH. Since Annie gets to live in the car running between baseball, dance, girl scouts, boy scouts and the likes...she now has a pretty snugly set up with a built-in car seat blanket. Not going to lie... I'm a little envious of it. 

Unfortunately, I hurt my back pretty bad the first few days she was in spica and it is just progressively getting worse. I'm seeing a spine specialist on Thursday and I am so so hopeful that there is some relief on the horizon. Hooray for knocking that deductible out the first of the year. 

She sure makes for one great arm workout.

Annie is scheduled for her next surgery on March 12th. She'll undergo another arthrogram and cast change but luckily... should be discharged home after just a few hours. It will be nice to be back in a familiar space sporting a new, fresh and slightly LIGHTER cast. Our hearts have been forever changed by the outpouring of love we have received from our community. I just don't know that we can ever convey how grateful we are for it all.  Hopefully just two more surgeries to go! 

We're ready for sunshine, park dates, kite festival do-over, baseball games, spring break, out of town guests and hill country adventures! 

Sooo much seven-month fun to come. Annie's pumped.

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