Monday, March 23, 2015

Sun through the storm.

I was dreaming of a post night shift slumber but awoke instead to a very persistent voice on the monitor reminding me there was some sunlight to catch in our day.

Sunlight and Coffee.

Honestly, that is pretty much all that is holding the fort in our pantry these days...

It would seem the grocery store has become a long forgotten friend and while I sincerely had every intention of paying a visit.. my sleepy brain accidentally landed us at the park instead. Oops.

Who knew that a 43 minute jaunt to the park would gift us unexpected fun with a neighborhood friend who Lucy insists is "definitely named Duckling" and his precious baby brother...the proud recipient of all of Lucy's persistent affections? While sweet baby boy is the youngest of four and perhaps more tolerant of crazy, I am pretty confident Lu still managed to push that threshold a bit.

*Sidenote... ant bites are healing*

Early afternoon welcomed the most ridiculous "diagnostic appointment" with a plumber-- which essentially consisted of him standing in my home doing absolutely nothing and me yawning in the corner of the room while this appointment crept dangerously close to nap time.

Had I not been so sleepy from my previous night-shift and distracted by the cuteness of Annie eating puffs (which completely adhered to her drooly spots like glue and had Lucy in deep belly laughter)

I would have landed the plumber a classic Gabriel May, "I'm super annoyed" face.

That would have showed him.

You see, Mondays can tend to be long as I have limited sleep, lots o' extra curriculars and then a good ole' additional night shift to boot. Yet, when your kid comes bouncing to the car exclaiming how she can't wait for her next math session, as she had just hula-hooped some math concepts in the sunshine with her teacher after school, immediately my crunchiness softens and I find myself detouring from dance towards impromptu chocolate dipped cones--- all the while thanking the heavens for the amazing teachers of this world. More of that, please.

Spring is finally coming, friends.

Her palate is flourishing through the grays and browns and calling us to play.

Play... too bad we know nothing about that.
*Sidenote...Lucy is terrible at guessing flavors*

Here's to more sunshine and a bunch less gray.

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