Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The cool down.

Texas weather is unlike any other I have experienced. Where else is it "normal" to be in the upper 80s one day and then the mid-lower 40s the next? I know this sort of freak thing happens everywhere but here in Texas this seems to happen several times a season. We pulled out the jackets and enjoyed some cool Texas air...let's hope that the May immune systems can keep up with this dramatic change in climate and keep us WELL!

Today we were definitely bundled and full of fun...

We see that smile Gabe.

Out for a stroll.

I love Miss Molly's need to wear EVERY color.

Time for the soups, comfy pants and hot chocolate!!! This might sound extreme but we have to take what we can get here in Texas...who knows, next week could be in the upper 80's again.

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