Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kid Quirks...

I am amazed at how quirky our children are. I don't know why this amazes me, after all, they are ours... It seems their individual quirks are constantly evolving.

For example. Molly. Yesterday was a no-nap Molly day. She didn't protest at all- she just rather chose to play. She was for the most part quiet but at times I would hear a little giggle from behind the closed door. I have found that this is a never a good thing. So, when I opened the door with the camera- this is what I found.

Apparently, Molly was playing the hot and cold game all by herself. Once she was free from "nap time" she tried to play with Gabe. She was walking up and down the hall saying "Where did Gabey go...I can't see him". Gabe thought it was hilarious.

Here is Gabe's latest thing. His crinkly smile. Gabriel loves to smile. He will give you the sleepy grin or the you caught me smirk at almost any point in the day. But now, when Gabe is truly happy you can tell because of the nose- FULL ON CRINKLE. Normally accompanied with a snort. Don't worry Gabe- I am sure that your future girlfriends will find it endearing... Oh, and do not be alarmed. The green crud all over Gabe's nose is actually peas- not boogers.

Such a quirky group. (Oh and can you tell we are out of Molly conditioner...yikes.)

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