Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fair Weekend!

We had a VERY busy weekend filled with fun! The weekend festivities began with our high school homecoming game. We went to go and cheer on the mighty FRIARS...and yes, although it seems like a not so mighty mascot, don't be fooled. Fred is pretty scary looking - at least I think so. Molly and Gabriel had a blast at the game. Both were up WAY past their bedtime and still managed to keep the smiles coming. I am so disappointed that most of my pictures didn't come out. They both look WAY overtired in the ones I took and I feared a potential CPS referral. I will tell you that Molly has been talking non-stop ALL weekend about how she saw "the little girls dancing...and kicking their legs" aka drill team and she saw the "cowboys" aka high school football players. Kelly's love for Molly went to a new level the moment she referenced the beloved Dallas Cowboys. least pre-Sunday.

Saturday afternoon was FAIR DAY! Going to the fair is a yearly tradition for our family. Each year we take our classic family Corney dog picture. This year it was Gabriel's chance to make his grand debut...

Unfortunately, a poorly placed coke bottle stole Gabe's big moment. Of course my camera promptly ran out of batteries right after this shot. Sorry Gabe, better luck next year. Welcome to life as a second child. (Do you see his eyes through the bottle? That is my favorite part)

Molly and Gabe equally loved the fair. We LOVED the CMC barnyard. Pictured below is Molly trying to force feed a sleeping goat. She continuously crammed her blue shovel right in his face and he never woke up... That is one WELL FED goat.

Gabe tried to beckon the goats over for Molly. His goat noises were right on.
Molly had so much fun riding the various rides on the kidway...can you believe that we have a KID now?! By the end of the evening her favorite ride became Daddy's shoulders. I love how she holds on to his curly hair.
Today has been nice and easy- just what we needed after a weekend of partying. We went for a long walk with the jogger this morning... did I mention before that I love fall?

We finished a few chores...

Enjoyed some time outside...

Mommy went to work and daddy mourned his Sunday loss... Then it was yummy Chinese food outside in the backyard! Keep the cool weather coming!!!


Anonymous said...

I CAN NOT believe that picture of Gabe standing next to the dish washer!! I have obviously been away too long when I missed the entire crawling phase. I need to see you this week. I miss you too much.

Anonymous said... had me LAUGHING!!! My poor Gabe! I know what it to be a second child! hahaha...I love you all! Thank you for your posts...I LOVE reading them! They make my day!

Un beso grandote!