Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spring? Is it really you?

Today I was walking the kids to the park when I saw all the flowers coming to life. It isn't that TODAY was the day that they bloomed but rather the first time I have noticed them. It is 1000 times nicer to walk to the park past daffodils and crate myrtles in bloom than dead grass and piles of sticks.

I do not think that I have battled true seasonal depression- especially since I don't live in an area plagued by darkness for days on end. For some reason though this winter season has been a little tough to get through this year. I mostly attribute this to the roller coaster weather we have had here. I see a taste of spring and then it is 30 degrees the next day. I am hopeful that those unfortunate weather patterns are coming to an end.

Before you know it our yard will be so pretty and green! I can't wait. Hope you all get to enjoy some sunshine this Valentine's Weekend! I know we will!

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