Monday, February 2, 2009

There is a bear in my bed.

Now I ask you- what kind of acrobatics do you have to do in your sleep for your arm to completely come out of your jammies?

Look closely at the lifeless right arm...

need another look? I really posted both pictures because I know that you like to look at sleeping babies too.
We have decided that the only logical explanation is that a bear must live in Gabe's bed and he obviously wrestles with it each night before he tuckers out.
It is very often that we find him partially naked. Every nap he takes off his pants (not diaper) just the pants. Every.Single.Day. Last week he woke up with two perfectly symmetrical claw marks on his head. Hmm...
Our Gabe is a silly ole' bear.

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Janet said...

Cute! I am always amazed at the things kids do, and the positions they get themselves into when sleeping!