Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Whole New World

It really is amazing how fast we seem to be cruising through the developmental stages these days. I don't know that everyone shares my enthusiasm for Molly's ability to sort shapes or her ability to associate words (early forms of reading you know...) With a background in child development this is perhaps my most favorite part.

It seems that in just one week Molly has learned to see sing the words to all kinds of songs. It is SO much fun! We can now sing together while we ride in the car which just about makes my day entirely- the best in when Gabe decides to "hum" along too. Hopefully, the kids will inherit the Miller music genes...

I am going to be completely honest and say that this video is really not that exciting. Molly is in a stage where she has become camera shy and I am also forced to be plugged to the wall. She can sing every word to all her princess songs as this is the latest obsession. My favorite is that I often times will catch Kelly singing the little mermaid when he is off unloading the washer. Can't blame it on Molly when she is nowhere in the vicinity. I mean really who doesn't love Ariel.

Molly's personal favorite is Jasmine. She is just intrigued that she shows a little belly. Every time Molly is cold she will tell us that she is " Jasmine's belly." Hooray halter. Like I said, enjoy the boring video---we do! The live non-filmed version is about 18 times louder with many more dance breaks...

Gabe has some new tricks too... more to come!

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Janet said...

Aw, fun! I love it when Kade sings, although he is not very good at the words yet. That cracks me up about Jasmine's belly! I will have to remember that one.