Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baby Weight

It seems that baby weight comes in all shapes and sizes. Mine comes in the nice form of an 18-month- old overly clingy lovechunk. Let's see... would that make me pear or apple-shaped?

Oh Gabey, why do you look so sad?

Oh, that's right. You HATE the gym.

This morning was a little discouraging for me. I took the extra effort to make it to a class at the gym today and the plan quickly met its demise. VERY quickly. Gabriel handled about 10 minutes without Mommy before they beckoned me back to rescue him. Lucky for me I was right in the middle of a class literally in the MIDDLE of the room. No sneaking out quietly here. I am disappointed because I really thought that we were over this hurdle- apparently, we are not. Gabriel does love him some Mommy and Daddy time. I was so shocked last week when he lasted 2 hours away from me while I went to a Mother's Club meeting. He was such a champ! I took the sudden change of behaviors to mean that he could tolerate a 45 minutes away from me.

Perhaps he can- just not at the gym

He began to cry the minute we hit the check-in counter. I really chalk this up to the fact that the gym was the first strange place I left him when he was in the heart of his separation issues. I think he has mentally branded it as a terrible place---even though they have ALL of his favorite toys.

So, I have devised a new little scheme to warm him to gym-life. I will once again return to the 5:45 am workouts (UGH!) and then try to come to the gym for like 10 minutes EVERY day to slowly introduce him to positive experiences at the gym. Ok, I will be realistic... almost every day. I think once he stops crying he will see that there are so many fun toys to play with. We are also going to try with Molly there to see if that helps at all.

It is not that I LOVE to workout by any means. In fact, in many ways the gym and I are enemies too. But, I have to start taking ownership of my body and making healthy choices... and time away from the kids can be a nice healthy choice too. I think that Gabriel might see that time away from Mommy can be exhilarating. Let's hope! Keep you posted!


Heather Anderson said...

That is the most pitiful face ever. Poor Gabe!

Max said...

That picture breaks my heart!! :( Oh Gabey! We'll get you through this, kiddo! (You too Jules! ;))