Saturday, September 26, 2009


After a full week at home, Molly is finally well on the road to recovery (Kelly too!). She actually is doing great (fever free for a LONG while). The hardest hurdle has been the fatigue. She just doesn't seem to have her normal Molly amount of energy. I know that sounds silly but a parent can tell when their child is not up to their norm ---especially when their abnormal looks VERY normal to a stranger. What can I say, I have an busy Molly.

Today, we were finally ready to get out of the house. Okay... the others were fine at home but MOMMY needed to get out of the house. The perfect blue sky was just too enticing! We took it slow today and ventured out in small amounts so that Molly and Kelly wouldn't feel exhausted.

To celebrate this fall (quickly returning to summer) weather, we visited the pumpkin patch at the Dallas Arboretum. We sure do have some cute pumpkins who unfortunately, do not like to smile simultaneously.

Take 1:

Smiling at Daddy not the camera...
Um, we will just leave it to the professionals.
Such a happy boy at the patch!
Her eyes are still tired looking but she really seemed to do well with getting some fresh air!
After a handful of fun...
It was off to home! I think that the relaxing part might have just been a nice little change-up to birthday week...sans sickness.
Hooray pumpkins!

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